Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Clive Woodman, My Man


am writing this and dedicating it to you

've made amendments twice to INTRODUCTION upon considering your valuable comments and advise. Thanks for rocketing the words from 1k to 1.9k.

Recalling the previous mail to you:


Please advise further if there are flaws or room for improvement as I don't mind making alteration and amendment repeatedly. I wish to produce a piece of good dissertation as I am looking forward to attending graduation ceremony in Malaysia on the 27th February 2011 hence opting early February dissertation submission. Also, the results in semester one with distinction grade in average has motivated me and given me hope to do best for second semester and dissertation.
Thank you for your supervision and time


OKLOR. Since you have the patience to comment and look into the 1.9k words repeatedly revised and amended, 'll make the 3rd ATTEMPT (introduction still :s)

You are picky but Leah loves it!!!

**But lets be more lenient in final marking cause all are done up to your comments, advise, and satisfaction leh... lol



Student identifier: 9120xxxx

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