Saturday, 12 June 2010

The Little Prayer

You came into the deepest, invisible place in her heart, but when you disappear, together with you, she loses that place in her heart.

For once, you cheered up this tiny life of hers. And whenever she thinks of that moment, it’s like a dream of beautiful scenes that she should not remember. Maybe she is afraid of something, afraid that she’d see those scenes again, dreamy yet painful. These scenes are all far away in a place inside her, deep in her heart, locked away with a key.

The dream was like a soap bubble, it disappeared in an instant without needing the pouring rain to wash them away. Where does she go from here? Where does she belong? She whispers in her heart whenever she happened to pass by the churches. She wished that her prayers and whispers would soon to be heard *finger crossed*


  1. very nice picture you have there, my dear.

    You need to do something other than just praying and wishing.

    Take some action instead of wondering what if, k? k?

  2. yaa.. very nice pictures.. i like the one that u pray with ur hands close..hehe.. cheer up pooh.. =)

  3. optimist: i did all i could..whats left to be done is in the hand of god..

    have complicated mind but peaceful heart

    thanks love

    miao: seriously pray wan la..not for the pic effect oni...anyway thanks too love