Friday, 18 June 2010

A Strange Dream

Again, am here to share a dream (call it nightmare if you want to) -17th June 2010 -3.00pm UK time zone-

It should sound like a sweet and adorable dream with encouragement and motivation, but why would she got up to find herself frightened with her heart beating wildly?

Someone in the dream texts this: (have no idea who this person is)

Do not intentionally avoid strangers coming towards you


Do not waste your time showering one with your spillover kindness


Not to treat someone warm-hearted-ly for the rest of your life blindly


One day, someone makes you his

Where am I

I am no longer anywhere

I was somewhere

to make some parts of your memories cheerful

-Everything was in a hasty-

Though she felt startled, this is a dream that she does not want to forget, so she puts them in the blog. Things are just hard to be explained. This dream determined the entire mood of the day



  1. gal, was so shocked when i saw this post cause you manage to rmb all the texts in your dream >,<
    enjoy your days yea ^^
    all the best and take care =)

  2. my dear, I feel you. I kinda understand how you are feeling now

  3. blue: i was shocked too. i guess i must have slept too much.too much rest eventually become restless

    optimist: from bottom of my heart -thanks km-