Friday, 20 August 2010

Over the Past 8 Months in the UK

~ She was once ~

*rebelled in a soft way
*thinking of kick starting her career here
*being so emotional and had the upset moment here
*neglected something she shouldn't be neglecting

~ She Has Been ~

*missing many of you loads
*striving hard for her studies
*fantasizing about tomorrow, about the future
*trying to forget the past
*counting down days to be home
*feeling sorry for things she has done and has not
*surrounded with such loving and influential people in her life

~ And Now, She is ~

*still counting down days to be back to where she belongs (10 more days from now!!)
*looking forward to seeing you, you, you and you
*feeling grateful to be given a chance to make things up to someone

~ When the Past Stays in the Past, She will ~

*wanna be the most ordinary yet wonderful lady in the world
*reaching for more than she deserves
*continue her second half of the journey in the UK by having her pillar of strengths side by side
*one day come back and whisper into your ear,

''I am home for you''


  1. 你在英国生活很伤心???

  2. 那..你喜欢英国或喜欢马来西亚?

  3. lonely: 没有啊,伤心还要你陪呢。等你唱歌给我听

  4. 讲的好,既来之,则安之。希望你真的是这么想