Friday, 21 May 2010

Dummy girl, not anymore

Said giddy:
All works without a play, makes Jack a doll boy

Now that all works are completed, leah can free herself from being a doll girl

In love with the warm warmm warmmm temperature all around

A walk with mcd in hand and sweets in bag was really contented and joyful

Said km in one of his post: I might always be smiling and make sarcastic remark right after I say: I like you, but I really mean it. So please stop having doubts and believe in me and you

But said leah to people all around her: People, If I say I like you, I do really like you and I do mean it

kw, don, dex and kl: have a safe and enjoyable trip back in home country. 278 is all mine now :p