Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Scarborough 24.05.2010

A day-trip with Flaming Dragon's colleague - Kim, Raymond, Lina, and Yik

Shall characterise them The Sponsor & the Organiser of the day, The Tour Guide and the Driver of the day, The Big Laughter of the day, and The Two Junior Dragons of The Sifu's

Scarborough gave a sense of tranquility and calmness. Peace-louing leah adores the atmosphere, 1st time ever visit to British beaches, 1st time ever got so close with the nature, 1st time ever got herself surrounded by the yellow field with pollen graciously climbed onto her supergirl top and jeans bottom, 1st time ever tasted lobster, liquor mix and some red wine, 1st time ever to go for a trip in 2010.

Free and easy trip always explore leah to new thoughts, new experiences and real good feelings. Thank you guys. Unable to share all the photos here. Just a quick view for some snapshots. Shall again share soon after all photos are being collected - perhaps in FB


  1. me super like the Superman tee's. U look pretty happy leh

  2. its kinda popular tee in the uk..yupe i was really happy km