Monday, 31 May 2010

You are loved, love




Mr/Ms A: You are supportive as always (at least to leah) like how you often claim yourself that you really are, you are just so sentimental in thoughts, leah knows that you are always ready for a relationship, wait for the day, you are blessed, love

Mr/Ms B: You are a smart cookie whom I really proud to have you as one of the men in my life, fly high, love

Mr /Ms C: Both of you aren’t talkative, like father like son, still, acting like a spoiled child in front of you could get what I need, why not? You are loved, love

Mr/Ms D and E: One used to be a good listener (merely), one used to be a good advisor with own thoughts but grounded by stubbornness, eventually time proved that you are just the passengers in my life, we are friends, aren’t we, love

Mr/Ms F: We’ve been through laughter and tears, and were once got so close. The bond between us will never loose and fade. Someday you will definitely find an ideal job for yourself. You are loved, love

Mr/Ms G: You are quiet you are shy, but you do speak much deep in your heart. You learn to be brave, you learn to voice out, but somehow you are in need of courage. You have my courage, love

Mr/Ms H: Knew so much about you in just one night, thanks for sharing and kept me acknowledged. Distance should be kept, it will do all the parties good. For all the reasons and hardships behind the curtain, still, thank you for your play in the stage. The curtain finally falls. Indeed, it was very painful. You are loved, love

Mr/Ms I: You are one of the puzzle pieces of leah’s life, at least for the past few years. Though incomplete without the piece, she is unsure whether she in need of it. Will try her very best to make it up again, its her bad. You are loved, love



  1. Is already June, time flies right?

    Told you a year in UK is not going to be as long as you thought.

    Do you still online often? Coz I dun really see you

  2. time flies, flown and flew away
    i work quite often
    not sure whether i'm enjoying this moment, km

  3. did i get it right?.. hehe..pooh