Saturday, 2 April 2011

How Love is Spelt

Says Blair Waldorf,

''3 words, 8 letters, say it, and I'm yours''

I hear about confession of love, about quotes showing affection, but I don't hear anyone saying convincingly,

''I cant find words to tell how much I love you
and so I let love go unspoken, let affection go unexpressed''

Simply, love can be as easy as reading A to Z out loud. Now, try it the other way round. Could it be any more difficult?

So, love isn't just love in substance anymore

Says Leah,

''Love is not blind, love sees love minds
but sometimes love chooses to continue go down lie path''

* Ain't St. Valentine, just a random thought, totally random...hehe
** Labels for this post: Life imagination + Bliss

Post written today 15th August 2010, will get it published when one day the bliss of love comes and knocks on her door

Hopefully it isn't far from now :)

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