Sunday, 28 March 2010

Earth Hour 2010...Where Were We

world climate is changing, global is getting warmer, threatening our homeland and raising the sea level

to be realistic, we will be nowhere some time in the near future. start saving the planet now? leah doubted. it's just too late. begin slowing down the damaging effect? probably

it is grievous for mankind to be alarmed one day that this phenomenon occurs- a drop of sorrowful tear finally wraps the globe

dear all, get something out of this, at least for now, for the betterment of your next generation

the world is calling for us S.O.S . . . _ _ _ . . .

someone was right about this - Do we give a damn?


what a coincident again. Daylight Savings Time begins today too

time is advanced an hour so as to extend the daylight hours

time difference between Malaysia and UK is now 7 hours


tenants of 278,

have a safe and joyful 'journey to the west'

-leah leah-



  1. so, how did u spent ur time during that hour? u too..have a safe n joyful easter break =)

  2. watching drama series with light off lo..haha..easter break=assignment week