Wednesday, 3 March 2010

A Reading for Rainbow

Welcome to

m trying to express the sound of life through A Reading for Rainbow

spent a most ordinary cny away from home country, is feeling home-sick

how leah wished she could still be the little gurl in her daddy's embrace

closed my eyes, and saw faces of yours- leah's final shelter, never been more home-sick tonight

give leah strength to make it through somehow

there is always more than one way to say exactly what you wanted to say

the destination for leah - ''A Reading for Rainbow''


  1. Lonely will always get you if only you give him the chance to find and enter your life.

  2. nice to meet u....

  3. be strOng gal..

  4. nah... give strength to u =D
    call ur home la, owayz stay in touch wif them ..
    n make some new frens dere.. explore ur life more in a new environment =)

  5. A Reading for Rainbow4 March 2010 at 16:08

    optimistic: a real optimist :)
    lonely: nice to meet u too
    anonymous: meant something 2 me
    miao: strength received :)

  6. home sick arh? then when are you coming back for a break? if you are bored, play with winnie...send my regard to winnie...

  7. teck eek:i've book kl-london flight ticket.yet for london-kl.u always MIA after back in ya