Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Experiencing the Diff

phew...last stage of completion for
leah's 1st individual assignment--finally!! and did pretty well for group presentation about NAFTA--credit to my members, the Q&A session was fun :p never expected we could crap it up like nobody business yet the answers satisfied SIMON ''the-picky'' (but more assignments are coming...oh lord)

was being taught and learnt a few things these days. lets share. (just claim that leah is 'innocent' @.@ or 'lut' @.@ if these are nothing new to you, ok?? **blushed)

1. 314 White Day

(ホワイトデー, Howaito de) --白色情人节
a month after 214 Valentine's day
originated from Japan
its an 'answer day' (314) to confession made on Valentine's day (214)
m hereby 1 year in advanced wishing 1st anniversary to all lovers when the next 314 visits again

2. Mothering Sunday in UK

its just sooooo happened that it falls on 314 this year :)
equivalent of mother's day that we used to celebrate in Malaysia
falls on the 4th sunday of Lent (Lent-the period of 40days before easter)
in a nut shell, it only serves to remind leah she will soon enjoy her 14days easter break and its just around the corner!!!

how did leah spend these 2 'meaningful days'?**

1. enjoying yummy take-away dinner and cheeeeesy pizza @.@
2. burying herself underneath stacks of books
3. requesting sweets from time to time to keep leah awake
3. and--doing what she is doing right now--blogging


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  1. dunt eat so many sweets.. later no more teeth..
    den cant eat cheezy pizza edi..