Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Long Lost Sista

Was doing nothing, having her butts in front of the lappie, and that leah found a time-to-time-MIA-friend of hers through FB

Hey u darling, 5 years++ back from now, we made the deepest shit and troubles, had all the laughter, tears, and hugs during that 3 months National Service

Ran away from her own dorm, she with her belongings gone to your dorm. We shared one single bed, showered together in sarung, pretended to be sick to avoid trainings and marching (and to enjoy air cond in the mobile clinic), yelling and fighting with the 'hamsap' camp commander, failed to turn up for most of the evening exercise sessions, rushing to be the 1st for shower before others grab all the foods in the canteen, sneaked into the kitchen to request for more fruits, having second phone to be kept secretly and personally, ordering take-away from the nearest cafe using our 'secret gateway', so much more to be recalled. Wow, can't believe she was once so daring and rebellious, thanks to u, love :p

Was guessing we were the only two smarties that cheered over the end of the National Service when most of them hugging each other with dripping tears. that was a total relieve. Though we didn't enjoy the program, yet we did enjoy the time spent together, didn't we?

Having ourselves at the different end of the world, leah wishes you the best of luck and god bless. Stay happy as always

**Shall share with you again more pictures that we had together, okay? (No worries, we both look odd and plump) :p

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