Thursday, 1 July 2010

Mission Accomplished

Things Leah Did Out of BOREDOM

Did some printing jobs in the SHU library
It was unusual quiet

It is under renovation and construction

Leah's mission has begun

HMV sales...perfect timing

Found one and had another piece purchased online
Waited 3 days for the delivery
Finally, it was here this morning
Mission accomplished!
So much as the album title 'Time Flies', and time really flies
Get attracted to a collection of classical piano, concertos and orchestra album, 5CD's @ 10 pound,
should she or shouldn't she?

And still managed to get something for herself online
Thanks love for paying and collecting on her behalf in M'sia

Hair clip

Hair band
Arrgh...too much hair accessories recently
Enough for that

Spend on something else!

Ipod touch the next??
(make this font as large and striking as possible to catch the eye of leah's dear sponsorshipsssss) :p
You know she loves you all


  1. have u bought ur classical album edi? cuz i saw an album with a collection of 100 best classical music for around rm 45++ here..