Monday, 12 July 2010

Real Life Experience

Hypothesis: Losing temper is an act of a fool to lose control and make thing worse

It costs four folds to make one paying double for the single bad job he'd done

Variables: To commit or to accept, to respect or to obey, to stay or to stray away, to care or to be numb

Applying the same theories with variables to produce different outcomes has been your way to manipulate. Sadly, in your case, you chose the latter: to accept, to obey, to stray away, to be numb

Procedures- Leah's to do(s):

1. New strategy and alternative should always to be ready in shape (just in case something goes wrong) to make herself strong and unbeatable

2. Get herself out of the square box

3. Make herself happy in anyway. Yes, in anyway


A few years from now, perhaps a few months, weeks, days, or even just for a moment (only if you have highly active immune system), look back and all these will be a faded memory

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