Thursday, 8 July 2010

Lost and Found

The first year of Leah's primary school life begun in a Malay school, kinda outskirt and rural area, somewhere near grandpa's house. Even till now, she had no idea why her parents would sent her to a Malay school when her siblings were studying in Chinese school. Worrying she wouldn't be able to speak Mandarin as and when she grew, she was the only one who spoke Mandarin with father at home (by force !#$^&%#^%*&)

There was this girl whom she got so close with (and the only one she could remember). Her name popped up into mind all of sudden one night. and she FOUND her in FB!! Thank god you use your real full name as display name. You said we had crazy time and laughing our head off. Girl, you're right, its been 15 years since we last met.

The only 3 things Leah could recall about us:

1. We were the top student in the class
2. Had your name written on one of my Malay story books
3. We were told there was this 'supernatural thingy' in the ladies washroom and together checking out with mates in tudung

The excitement is just indescribable to catch up with a long-lost-standard-one-best-friend again.

The bond in between may fades, but friendship does not, it keeps sailing


The taste of Heineken still feels like heavenly smell in throat as compared to the first sip Leah had some time ago. This may probably imply that this is the premium larger for her, not the people nor environment that matters. (Look, brewed in Holland)

The Oranje will march till the end!!


  1. pooh.. u r bad.. the support the oranje.. >.<

  2. no..i supported brasil during tat match.but nw btween oranje n spain of coz i support u cant hate oranje for beating brasil k.n become oranje supporter like me..hehe